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Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a roof can be a complex and demanding process, especially for companies without adequate experience. There are lots of ways that your roof can be harmed during the cleaning process. Workers can walk on it, damaging your tile or slate.

They can also wash it with an inappropriate amount of pressure, damaging it and potentially chasing water to pool inside your home. Fortunately, Delong Pressure Washing of Evansdale, IA, is here to help! Using our patented method, your roof will never be damaged, and the rest of your home will be protected as well!

House Washing

Many pressure washing businesses want to get the job done fast so that they can squeeze more work into a given day. This means that they may not treat your home with the respect that it deserves. High-pressure power washing will get your house clean in no time, that’s for sure, and for certain types of exteriors (like brick, stone, and concrete), it will get the job done.

However, if your home’s exterior is made of a softer, more pliable material, especially siding, high-pressure washing can damage it, leading to issues like broken siding, leaks, water damage, standing water inside your walls and more. Here at Delong Pressure Washing of Evansdale, IA, we take the time to get the job done right. Our expert team has years of experience cleaning homes, and we’re ready to pass that expertise on to you! Contact us today! 

Commercial Washing Services

A run-down property could negatively affect your business. The exterior of your property is often the first impression your business makes on a potential client. Whether it’s fair or not, clients will likely have a more favorable reaction to a company with a beautiful, gleaming building, one that looks clean and professional. With quality power washing, DeLong Pressure Washing of Evansdale, IA, can make your commercial building look like new.

Our services are available locally. The power washer we use is a state-of-the-art low-pressure unit that is capable of cleaning parking lots, driveways, kitchen exhausts, and more. Should you be dissatisfied, we will return and fix the problem. Please contact us for more information. Our cleaning specialists are dedicated to meeting your needs. In case of an emergency, we will be there to help you. You can count on us to complete the job on the same day!

Gutter Cleaning

Regardless of whether the property they are installed on is residential or commercial, it is extremely important to get your gutters inspected and cleaned regularly. Fortunately, Delong Pressure Washing of Evansdale, IA, can help! Gutters can clog easily with elements like leaves and other natural debris, as well as being damaged over time by inclement weather. They are meant to draw water away from your home, depositing it safely nearby.

However, if you gutter is clogged that can cause standing water to pool. That water can then damage your home, causing leaking and other potentially costly issues. If your gutter is broken that can lead to the water being deposited in a place that’s not ideal. It may even lead to problems like foundation damage or flooding. Here at Delong Pressure Washing, we recommend getting your gutters cleaned at least twice a year, in the spring and fall.

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